TYPO3 Neos content dimensions in 5 minutes
TYPO3 Neos
How to change a fluid template from another package

Configuring Views through Views.yaml If you want to change Templates, Partials, Layouts or the whole ViewClass for a foreign package without modifying it directly, you can create a Views.yaml in your configuration folder of your package and override all options the view supports.           Suppose you have package “Lelesys.PackageA” and there is a StandardController which has indexAction and you have another package “Lelesys.PackageB”. You can add a Views.yaml file to Lelesys.PackageB and override template of Lelesys.PackageA StandardController's ind...

Building responsive websites using Twitter BootStrap

Responsive web design has become the leading technique for building sites that work well ondesktop computers, phones and tablets and for better readability of the online contents in different environments. With the help of CSS3 and definitely HTML5, this trend is increasing every day.To full fill this need Twitter Bootstrap open-sourced framework is a very efficient way to serve the purpose of Responsive Web Design with ease.

Creating a TYPO3 Neos back-end module

TYPO3 Neos is world of Nodes with full inline editing. However in some cases you might need a back-end module to manage data which is not visible to public or for easier management. TYPO3 Neos back-end module gives you free hand how you want to design it. This article shows how to create a simple back-end module.

TYPO3 Neos and Content Dimensions: mUXcamp Worms 2014

Presentation delivered by Hrishikesh Lele in mUXcamp 2014 in Worms about TYPO3 Neos and Content Dimensions. 

Barcamp Nürnberg 2014: Introduction to TYPO3 Neos

Hrishikesh Lele delivered session about TYPO3 Neos during BarCamp Nürnberg 2014. Purpose of this small presentation is to introduce Neos to people who who do not know about this yet. Below are slides from the presentation. If you have question feel free to follow Hrishi on Twitter at @hrishilele

Content localization with TYPO3 Neos 1.1

With latest TYPO3 Neos 1.1.0 beta release it is possible and proved to start localizing your content. With this release fundamentals for localizing content in the TYPO3CR (Content Repository) are ready known as Content Dimensions. With TYPO3 Neos, 'locales' is one of the content dimensions. I implemented a working content localization for a big project which was already done in TYPO3 Neos recently and was just waiting for Neos 1.1 beta release and we now have it. I am happy to share the implementation experience with the world and you can get started having your first multilingual website done...

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