Google Map Integration with TYPO3

What is Google Maps?Google Maps provides a highly responsive, intuitive mapping interface with embedded, detailed street and aerial imagery data. In addition, map controls can be embedded in the product to give users full control over map navigation and the display of street and imagery data. Users can also perform map panning through the use of the “arrow” keys on a keyboard, as well as by dragging the map via the mouse. Google Maps Fundamentals Before you can get started developing Google Maps applications you will need to sign up for an API key. When you sign up for an API...

Enabling preformatted block format in TYPO3 RTE

Enabling "Preformatted" block format option for TYPO3 RTE.With a new TYPO3 installation default setting for rtehtmlarea is to use "Typical" configuration. This configuration hides the option "Preformatted" from the block format drop-down in the RTE. If you want to write code snippets in your blog then using this Preformatted block format is nice option which basically adds a <pre> tag. To enable this option put following code snippet in your website's root page TSConfig.

Category drop-down for TYPO3 "cal" extension

Making a drop-down menu of "cal" categories with simple TypoScript object where on change of the drop-down list of events will be filtered.

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