Extensible e-commerce system - Shop Allergy Canada

Business need

The website was existing, Lelesys planned a relaunch of the website with TYPO3 Neos CMS and TYPO3 Flow as the application framework. In the new website it was desired to have a rich Business Backend. Where admin should select the shipping gateway, Payment gateway, Order delivery status, See all the invoices etc


This website is just not the e-commerce system but a full fledged multi faceted multifunctional website having capacity to serve hundreds of users at a time. The responsive design helps to work on the website  from mobile devices to a large screen computers. The browser testing is done on all modern browser versions of Safari, Firefox, chrome, Internet explorer.

The website has three facets Public users, Login users and Business Admin - other than Admin of TYPO3 Neos. The website has a complex user management and shop management (Business admin) apart from other standard packages developed by Lelesys, like Image Gallery, Contact form, Search Engine Optimization package, Social bookmarking. 

Customer helped by providing the design of the website. Lelesys used twitterbootstrap template for the Shop Admin. Hence all the facets can be operated on mobile devices to large screen computers.

The sopping of the website is much user friendly. It has modern provisions for seeing list & details view where user can buy from detail view. The user can select quantity when buying. On buy the product is added in the shopping cart and more products can be purchased.

All the products can be purchased at a time.

Billing and shipping address can be different. Public user (without login) also can do purchase. On purchase user get a login access so as they get auto registered. Separate registration form is also provided. This enables to store purchase history of the user.

Business Admin section

The Business Admin section has many functions. The Business Backend (The Business admin) of the website can create Product-Catalog, Brands, Product-Category, Product-Property (used for variants), Product-Conditions, Can import multiple products (say from an excel sheet).

The List of purchase orders can be displayed. The list can be sorted on date, amount etc.

Admin can create Taxes like VAT, GST, LST and apply percentage etc. The sequence of applying the taxes is also configurable. Tax Zone are configurable. Shipping and payment gateways can be selected by the users. New shipping & Payment gateways can be implemented for further extensions.

The admin can get business intelligence data and take decisions based on them. Admin can get reports like Most viewed, Low in stock, Abandoned shopping cart, Customer category, list of customer, by Sales OR Orders etc. 

For product promotion discounting codes are generated and are associated with products to offer discounts. Admin can see statistic. The admin section has lot of JQgrid to make the views more flexible.

The structure is such that it can be modified / developed further as per new needs of a fresh e-commerce system. The website functionality can be extended to advanced web-intelligence and user behavior analysis. The user behavior analysis can augment in showing right advertisements etc

Shipping and payment gateway

Customer can select shipping method and the related details like area, post code etc. Customer also get delivery cost which is added in the final cost. Purolator API are implemented for the same. Global Payment Gateway is implemented.


Standard approach of project analysis and running the project in Scrum mode, with Continuous Integration techniques (Using Git, Gerrit and Jenkines) for quality monitoring and deployment was followed

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