Analytics provides real time and easy access to your business statistical data. This data is very important in order to track how each and every section of your is performing. Analytics can be useful for tracking information in the areas of 

Use cases

  • Marketing trends 
  • Customer buying trends
  • Employee information 
  • Social media analytics 
  • Production 
  • Feedback from customer 
  • Service delivery

Lelesys provides custom solutions for your business to collect and report analytics for your business. 


For storing large scale of Analytics data we use special database knows as CouchDB. CouchDB is No-SQL database which can store large amount of data as well as provide faster access.

Data Sources 

Data sources can be flexible as per your other applications for example 

  • SAP 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Microsoft Sharepoint 
  • Lotus Notes. 
  • XML 
  • REST APIs 
  • Excel and CSV files.


We use HighCharts for generating interactive charts and graphs. Below is sample graph from HighCharts.

HighCharts graph for analytics using TYPO3 Flow and Neos


  • Interactive business analytics
  • Charts and graphs 
  • Multiple data sources 
  • Custom graphs and charts 
  • Large databases
  • Extensible for growing business needs 
  • Based on TYPO3 Flow framework

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