Large number of businesses in Europe still do things manually where modern IT solutions can be used. Lelesys provides high quality custom solutions to take your business ahead. 

How we start

We study business processes in your offices as well as on the field. We setup a new architecture of your processes to automate most of the work using software. We provide you  solution which helps you to cut down on employee cost as well as allow you to plan your human resources more efficiently. 

What we offer 

  • Complete architecture for your online business 
  • Ways to automate most of your business processes
  • Efficient utilisation of human resources
  • Complete software application to support most of your business activities.

How it can change your business 

Our solutions help you to do more with your existing resources. Our software solution automates redundant processes in your business with automated tools. It helps you to serve your customer quicker and better. You can still do more with your existing human resources and reduce on staffing costs.

Use cases 

  • Automation of marketing 
  • Sales reporting and tracking 
  • Online sales for soft products e.g. Insurance, tickets and papers.
  • Online accounting 
  • Online factory reporting 
  • Online data integration and planning



  • Automate your business processes
  • Do more with less resources 
  • Increase staff utilization 
  • Expand quicker 
  • International business 
  • Better control over business operations.

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