Google Maps are free when you want to use them on public websites. But when you have custom data to load on Google maps just for your private use then you need to purchase commercial license from Google. More information is here

Lelesys has developed custom web application where private data was needed to be visible on Google maps.

We also integrated Google maps within the web application where it was possible to search within the map. Please contact us for more information about this solution. Following are some use cases when commercial version of Google maps needs to be used -  

  • Database application
  • Customers information on map
  • Leads and Targets on map as part of CRM system 
  • Tracking employees on field 
  • Tracking vehicles and resources on the field
  • Analytics to show on the map


  • Commercial Google Maps
  • Custom data on Google maps 
  • Integration with CRM
  • Custom views of Google Maps
  • Editable using TYPO3 Neos

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