Online auction system is a web application, where seller and buyer come together to complete the deal. Seller needs to be registered user in the website. The Buyer can be any one, but on purchase buyer also need to disclose contact details.

Often online Enterprise Auction system (Online procurement management) cater to all the variety of product selling. Hence it has to be scalable and extensible to future needs. The potential bidders should be able to browse through website for desired product, put a bid through a secure server.

In the Auction system a seller posts the details of product for sale, and multiple potential buyer put their bid price. The auction can be limited for certain period. If this auction is viewable during it's life cycle - it is called 'live auction'. Often in a live auction the participants should be able to edit the prices. There may be different conditions as per the online auction system needs. The newly requested price can be more, lesser etc as per the business logic, and can be handled easily. 

Online auction is essentially a specific version of eCommerce system where the sellers and buyers are multiple. It is also identified as electronic auction / e-auction.  Seller need to be registered user of the website.  There may be variety of sellers and as per their needs, different types properties can be applied to the product for sale. For instance a Industrial goods like "Iron ore" or "desalination plant" to Consumer products like 'Soap case' can be available for sale!. To cater to wide verity of product range the auction system should be designed by using high end software architecture, with good usability expertise.

As per the products, the Enterprise Auction system may need additional services like a Third Party Inspection (TPI) service. The TPI service agency need to be updated once the auction is complete. The commercials of the TPI service agency can be linked the the 'Standing Life' of the product for sale!. As this involves a large commercial values, the data must be handled through a secure server. 

The confidentiality of the electronic data (soft copy) is of great importance, which can be handled with high end features can be made more usable by (RSA Encryption) by applying public and private keys.

To manage such complexities the web-application can be divided in few facets as below.

Admin Module

Admin of the web-application who has overall control over the website. The admin should be able to do all the audit of any deals of any time period. Also there may be some Security Restrictions to admin, some thing like User's authentication is never shared to the admin etc.

Seller Module

Seller are the company or people who will put the product for sell. This is of crucial interest to Admin of website. Because of number of products, product quality & product variety , the buyers will visit the auction system.

Online-Marketing module

All the products which are loaded in the auction website should be published on social media and in google ads, this will increase the visibility of the website. However this is of crucial importance as no private data should be displayed in the media, but it should lead to increased users of the auction system. Search Engine Optimization is critical in this regard.

Buyer Module

Where public viewer or registered users can visit website. It is possible to trace website users behavior by cookies & user-log. By using these tools viewer can be shown 'similar products', 'Buyer also purchased' , 'Latest Products' type of list. All the time the viewer may not be a login user. Hence these tools are of great importance to analyses user behavior and business promotion of the website.

Report module 

This may be essentially accessible to the business owner. This module would store and generate all the business related and user behavior information, Season sale, Product sale etc subject to chosen time period.

Security and authentication

Normally this is highly technical and sensitive to website and the confidentiality of sensitive business / product information of the agencies involved. Hence should be delivered in 'ethical & safer hands'.


Usability of the application can be of critical importance. As discussed above the user can be of variety of needs. There should distinct categories, so as it becomes clear to user what exactly he is looking for. Advanced search is of critical in this regard. Also it is important to have a high performance (seed of website) . If the system is live auction then the 'Client side event handling' should be done with very advanced libraries and with great safety features. There is separate article on Usability in this website.

Reverse auction

Reverse auction is identical in all aspects to normal auction, with only difference is buyer put their needs and the Sellers bid for the deal completion.
Lelesys has delivered auction system by using TYPO3 , Zend Frameworks, to it's German customers. 


  • Purchase automation
  • Online procurement management
  • Integration with CRM
  • Auction system
  • Reverse auction system
  • Editable using Neos CMS

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