Development of legal documents and contract management system for your business. Custom solution for managing your highly important documents with related tasks and events.

We develop smart document management systems for your business. When documents are related to legal, contract, business relationships they also have tasks and events associated with them. Our solution allows you to create tasks and events around your important documents. Following are main features of such solution. 

  • Uploading and assignment of documents
  • Access rights for documents 
  • Categories of documents 
  • Tasks for documents 
  • Expiry or renewal of documents 
  • Events as part of document e.g. Contract term 
  • Email notifications about events and tasks 
  • Updating documents 
  • Versioning of documents



  • Smart document management
  • Tasks and events 
  • Unlimited documents 
  • Secure with access rights 
  • Versioning 
  • Multi user 
  • Access on Mobile and tablets

Get a smart document management system for your business using TYPO3 Neos CMS.

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