When It comes to marketing & business promotions there are multiple and innovative ways. Important is getting notices with a good impact without consuming much time of the user! Hence though not as economical as email marketing, SMS marketing is still a preferred method of many companies.

Specially consumer product companies. It is worth while to discuss, how it works for different business segments.

Case 1

Imagine a known apparel brand retail outlet. There is still a large number of consumers which prefer to Store-shopping over internet-shopping. To demonstrate customer loyalty  and attract larger audience to the shop, companies request for buyer's phone number for all good reasons of 'better service'.  Whenever there is season's sale or festival sale, Companies send you SMS message, mostly during evening hours.
There are many advantages of such marketing. Consumer know 'My preferred brand  will send me message' for Sale, New arrivals and Greetings etc.  Seller knows specific set of customer. Hence the direct impact on sale is high resulting better ROI on marketing expenses. The SMS are sent even on Birthdays / Season's Greetings giving a personalised feeling!. 

Case 2

Personalised treatment like, Sports Training for group of people or medical treatment for group of patients is taken care by SMS marketing tools by reminding about exercise, taking medicines, diet etc is done by the doctor or hospitals. The trainer / doctors set specific message for certain type of patients. The Messages can be personalised for specific treatment. Hence Trainer or Doctors or Hospitals can treat the patients more precisely.  

These tools are popularly used in many businesses like travel booking engines, Stock traders and so on. 

Hence many business in consumer product can use SMS marketing to serve customers better.

How it works?

Like payment gateways , there are SMS gateways. They provide gateway to send SMS and their core business is "Selling and sending SMS". Lelesys has a good experience in implementing such gateways to the suitable needs. In addition to that, the automatic SMS sending needs to be programmed as per the business and sms receiver's needs. This requires a high end business analysis, software architecture  and  programming experience.

Lelesys has made such implementations where huge number of SMS can be sent at a time.


  • SMS Marketing system 
  • Bulk SMS 
  • Integration with online SMS gateways
  • Complex scheduling of SMS delivery
  • Short URLs by SMS
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Custom workflows

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