We develop event management systems for private or public events such as conferences or barcamps. Event management system using TYPO3 could involve following features. 

Event information 

Event information can be created easily using highly modern interface of TYPO3 Neos CMS. Admin can add any number of pages with text, images and videos for event information.

Online booking 

Online booking is provided to allow user to book online, pay and receive event ticket. It can also be supported using QR code or Passport technology. Online booking can also be integrated with external booking provides like XING Events.


Attendees can register as event users and share information. They can create their own profile as well as browse through profiles of other attendees. 

Content sharing 

User can share content by writing text as well as uploading images, files and videos. It can be served as content feed of event and can also be shared via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Back-office interface 

Back-office interface allows back office staff to generate reports for logistics purpose. 


  • Complete event website
  • Content editing with TYPO3 Neos
  • Unlimited pages, text and media
  • Online booking
  • User profiles
  • Content feed 
  • Integration with XING Events

Get a modern website for your event or workshop using TYPO3 Neos CMS.

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