Blog solution may involve many options. Lelesys develops blog solution based on custom requirements of customers.  

Neos CMS provides amazing editing features which you may not have seen before. Lelesys has build news and blog packages based on Neos CMS. User can just edit blog as if he is editing a Word document. It is also possible to add images and videos easily.

Blogs can have comments as well as comments can be implemented using Facebook commenting plugin. Blogs can integrated with other websites using RSS feeds. All blog articles have social sharing meta-data

See in action

Below video shows how you can easily edit news or blog article using Neos CMS 

Blogging Community

Blog editor

Full blog functionality extensible with your custom requirements. Flexible layouts and inclusion of images, videos and slideshows. 

In-place editing

Our blog solution is based on Neos CMS which provides in-place editing where user can edit text, images and include videos

Commenting and social media

Our blog solution allows commenting using Facebook, DISCUSS as well integrates with common social media sharing functions


You can build a community around your blog portal where it is possible for users to register with Facebook or Google and take part in the discussion or other activities based on topic of the portal


Integration of commerce with your community. Sell or buy on the portal with integrated payment system

Contact us today to build a news portal, blogging portal or community of bloggers. We will study your requirements and provide you a fixed price proposal customised for your requirements.


Madresfera is community of bloggers from Spain. Bloggers can sign up and register their blog on the site. Blogre get a widget which keeps track of popularity of their blog. Madresfera updates ranking of the bloggers based on statistics it generates based on lot of inputs like traffic information of blog which we receive through the widget and social media data collected from Facebook API, Twitter API and Instagram API. Brands can register and choose bloggers for their brand promotion.  

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