Online Music Portals for Music Industry and eLearning 

Development of online music streaming portals for Music industry or eLearning businesses. Usual cases would be companies publishing music or Audio files to customers. Freelance music producers, audio producers, audio eLearning or community of singers can develop such portals with the help of Lelesys. Users can use the music of audio from desktop computers or from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Audio files can be hosted on the cloud in order to give high performance delivery to users in different parts of the world.

Concept for audio streaming

Lelesys helps customers to develop concept of audio streaming portal. We study business requirements as well as targeted audience and put together a concept which may include building a community, course structure in case of eLearning or sales structure in case of commercial music sales. We make sure you get most of your content and happy customers.

Monetization of audio content

Online music portals provide an efficient way for music producers a way to monetize content on the internet. You can be a audio library, commercial music company or a freelance audio developer. You can sell your audio content all over the world and monetize it quickly. Lelesys provides consulting as well as complete development support for such portals.

Supporting devices

We develop portals in order to support them on multiple devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or tablets and desktop computers. It is possible to encode audio in suitable formats for each device category as well as bandwidth quality. 

Structure of portal 

Structure of such portal can be defined with following main points in consideration 

  • User access 
  • Free and paid content 
  • Searching and tagging of content
  • Preview of audio 
  • Possibility to download.
  • Protecting the content 
  • Hosting on the cloud
  • Payment and financial management
  • Course structure in case of eLearning

Hosting on the cloud

Audio files carry large size of data and needs strong hosting infrastructure in order to deliver content to large audience efficiently. Hosting on cloud makes it easy to deliver content to world-wide users using CDN - content delivery networks. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides such service to host media files and make it scalable.  


Audio based eLearning includes courses with audio and text. This case is useful for language training as well as other online education. Courses are structures to deliver lessons on weekly or monthly basis against a recurring payment. Lelesys develops complete eLearning platform based on TYPO3 Flow and Neos.

We are happy to answer your questions about Online Audio/Music Portals. We study your requirements specific to your project and provide you a concept and proposal. Need a proposal?

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