Lelesys has delivered more than 100+ projects for European companies in last 15 years. We are specialised in delivering high quality websites using TYPO3 CMS and now Neos CMS.


Your enterprise web solution


Neos CMS is developed as next generation of TYPO3 CMS, however it is totally different in functionality from TYPO3 CMS. Neos CMS is supported by vibrant community and hundreds of developers continuously contribute code and packages to Neos CMS

Enterprise Ready

Neos CMS is developed using PHP Flow Framework. Integration with other systems like SAP, Google APIs, Amazon webservices and cloud services is already possible.

Custom Applications

We build custom packages based on Neos CMS which support your custom business needs such as product catalog, integration with Megento, Search, customer support, order processing and many more.

Editor friendly backend

Neos editor provides built-in features for editing content inline as well as side by side translation tools.

Search Engine Optimization

All features needed for high SEO website comes built-in with Neos CMS. You can edit URLs, titles as well as Social Media metadata for each page

Built-in internationalisation

Neos CMS comes with builtin multiple languages support. With content dimensions it is easy to plan your own localisation scope.

 Neos CMS is developed by TYPO3 Community and was developed as next generation of TYPO3 CMS. Neos provides features suitable for large Enterprise websits.

  • Unlimited amount of pages and content 
  • Digital Assets Management with cloud integration (CDN)
  • Integration with videos 
  • Multi-language and multi-location content
  • Possibility to serve content based on custom market segments and user types
  • High performance 
  • Analytics built-in 
  • Integrations with Social Media channels 
  • Easy to create content types 
  • Workflows for multiple editors scenarios 
  • Opensource packages from community 
  • Integration with other opensource packages and systems like SAP using REST API

See in action

Below video shows how you can easily edit a complex page using Neos CMS 

Contact us today to build a high quality enterprise website for your company. We study your business and provide consulting about which features and functions your website should have. We also provide services for online marketing and social media marketing.

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