Development of eLearning system based on videos. User can watch videos and answer tests to go to next levels. Online teachers can help students in interactive mode. Files and video tests can be done using online video recording.

We develop highly modern and intuitive video based eLearning systems based on TYPO3 Neos. Content of the courses can be edited easily using editing features of Neos. Video eLeaning system can have following main features 

Courses and lessons 

Courses are designed as per the content of the courses. Admin can design courses in a very flexible way. Each course can have lessons having 1 or more videos in each lesson. Course editing can be done from Neos backend which provides real inline editing which can be used by any normal internet user.

Video hosting 

Videos can be hosted on the cloud service like Videos  are encoded to deliver good quality on different devices such as desktops, laptops, iPads, Android tablets and mobile phones. Videos support HTML5 format which is new way to serving videos on the internet. 

Interactive features 

Courses are interactive. Videos can show related text and images while vidoes are playing. This could include notes or additional information of the topic. 


Teachers can communicate with individual students to answer questions as well as support online. Students can upload videos by recording them directly on the website. 


At end of each lesson student should answer a test which is online and interactive. This can also involve recording and uploading a video.

Subscription and online payment 

Course management comes with subscription management which includes pricing, special offers, monthly payments and online payment.

Interactive video learning solution for Guitar Academy in Germany


  • Interactive Video eLearning 
  • Cloud video hosting
  • Courses and lessons 
  • Teachers 
  • Online Tests
  • Online video recording by users
  • Subscriptions and payments
  • TYPO3 Neos CMS content editing 

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