Full service agency for web applications

Lelesys is a full service agency providing high quality web application development services to companies all over the world since last 11 years. We provide services from conceptualisation, architecture, design, development and then long term support for your web application.

Design, Build and Support

We make sure you get all levels of support for making your web application a success. Following are our key services for web application development using Enterprise PHP framework TYPO3 Flow and Neos.

Concept development

Before we can start building your application it is important to polish the concept. We put together concept for you based on your idea. This involves suggestions for functions to make sure your web application can sell better. We have huge experience with social media, web usability and building scalable applications. Concept development phase allows us to make sure your web application is defined well in order to achieve best results and no stone is unturned.


Your web application needs a modern look and perfect user interface. Our designers and usability experts based in Germany  provide you with graphic design and user interface design.


We use TYPO3 Flow for building web applications which is a most modern enterprise grade PHP framework. We study you requirements of scalability, user requirements and extensibility. Our architects then design the application using high quality methods of modern application building.


We are an agile team! We use SCRUM as our methods of development process. With agile method you have possibility to develop application in incremental way and also try out features. We have been working on agile method since 2011 and already delivered large scale projects to Amadeus Germany as well as launchr.com 

Deployment and hosting support

Once your application is developed it needs to be deployed on a live hosting system. We have in-house system administrators who deploy your application to hosting service of your choice. We are experienced with cloud hosting services like Amazon AWS and JiffyBox by DomainFactory in Germany. We also support your hosting for security and updates as per long term support agreement.

Long term support 

After going live the job does not end! We then support your application on day to day basis for following points.

  • Bug fixing 
  • Updates and new features as per your requests. 
  • Handling processes in the portal management 
  • Consulting and Concept development for new features and ideas
  • Research and analysis for new features
  • Hosting support for security and updates and backup 

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