Neos CMS 3.0 demo 

You can directly login to a demo on our server and try it yourself.
Username = admin
Password = demo123

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Why Neos CMS

Neos allows you to edit content on your own right in the browser. You can use Microsoft Word like functions to edit the text and change its style. You can easily add additional content elements like Text, Image, Text with Image, Tables, Sections with 2-3-4 columns very easily.


Inline Content Editing

For the first time you get experience of real "What You See Is What You Get" content editing with Neos. Editing a website is as simple as log-in to Neos and click on parts of your content and start typing. This is one of the most advanced content editing experience than any existing CMS in the world.


Enterprise ready

Neos support many features from the beginning which are important when you want to develop Enterprise CMS applications. Consider using it for a highly scalable and complex solution and it already support most of the common requirements in these cases.


Multilingual websites

Lelesys has already delivered websites with multiple languages. You can make your website in any number of languages and edit the content for each language. It is also possible to edit page properties in multiple languages for search engine optimisation.


Migrate to Neos

Migrate your TYPO3 CMS 4.3, 4.5, 4.7 or 6.x website to TYPO3 Neos which is next version of content management system by TYPO3 Community. Read more below and contact us now for more information.


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